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For Question on Cover

Please visit our helpful FAQ's section. It contains valuable information taken from the policy documentation covering the key questions out customers ask.


Amending Your Policy

Changes to your Annual Trip policy can me made on line at any time. Single Trip Policies can be modified before your cover starts. Please note that You are only covered for the Vehicle that is registered upon taking out the Policy unless You have notified us of a change during the Term of the Policy, You may change the Vehicle on Your Policy up to 4 times during the Term, however, temporary changes of Vehicle are not permitted within this Policy. If a change of Vehicle takes place during the Term of the Policy the Inception Period will apply from the date the change takes effect from. This means Means a period of 48 hours from the Inception Date before You, or anyone driving the Vehicle, is able to make a Claim on this Policy. If any of Your details change during the Term of the Policy, such as Your address, please notify Us immediately.


Cancelling your Cover

You can cancel Your policy within the first 14 days of the date with which your Policy starts as stated on Your Policy Schedule, or upon receipt of these terms and conditions, whichever happens later. Unless You have made a claim during this period We shall refund Your premium in full less a £10 administration charge.
If You have made a claim during the first 14 days, or cancel Your policy after this period, then there will be no refund of premium due to You.


All Other Enquiries

If you have purchased a prduct from us or simply have a question and would like to get in touch please click here. We aim to respond to all enquiries within 24-48 hours.